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Global Pensions: Ebury believes pensioners deserve better outcomes

Ebury consistently delivers time-critical payments to overseas members on time and in full.


Ebury consistently delivers time-critical payments to global scheme members

Ebury enables Pension Fund Administrators, Local Government S151 Finance Officers and Payroll Teams to deliver a Best In Class Payment Service.

We ensure your pensioners do not fall victim to excessive bank and payment charges.

Ebury is an FCA regulated, international financial services company and subsidiary of Santander Bank.

We have vast experience of delivering global payment solutions to the pension & payroll industry - over £18 billion in currency payments via our global network in the last 12 months across 140+ currencies in 200+ countries and territories.

Enabling funds to remain invested for longer through our ability to pull via reverse wire funds collection

Improving member outcomes by delivering pension payments efficiently and in full


Ebury believes pensioners deserve better outcomes.

Ebury Mass Payments works with Pension Associations to highlight the impact that an efficient global payment process has on delivering increased value for international pensioners.

Pre-validating bank account data to reduce error payments and case load

Local Payment Schemes in over 109 countries - reducing payment fees and the risk of bank charges

Providing greater transaction visibility, control, security protocols & reporting tools

Automatic Payment Notification Emails to Scheme Members cutting enquiries

Digital ID Verification for Existence checks and Payment authorisations reducing risk of fraud and improving automation and member engagement

Providing Pre & Post transaction support from our highly experienced customer service team - ease of reconciliation and payment tracking

Benefits of working with Ebury

We help solve challenges in delivering pension payments


Our service ensures members are paid on time, in full, every time. We achieve an on-time payment success rate of 99.97%

Payments Platform

Cutting-edge platform set up to your requirements with bespoke reporting and ease ÔÇĘof reconciliation


High-volume file upload handles thousands of payments seamlessly or via our API integration.


Dedicated customer service team works in partnership with our Clients and Partners to ensure global pensioners receive their full payment amount, on time and in the currency they need.


Biometric payment and ID Verification checks to improve efficiency and security for administration processes and existence checks through our partner mypensionID.


We pay across 200+ countries, in 140 + currencies and have access to ACH networks in 109 countries

White Papers, Case Studies and Thought Leadership

Delivering support and innovation to the markets we serve.


Pensions - ID Verification, Payments and Fraud Control


Lifting the lid on international payments. A time for a change?


Fraud and Scams in Pension Payments

It is upon everyone in the industry to make sure members receive the best possible outcome for their hard-earned savings. To do that successfully we must be laser-focused on knowing what is most important to members

Andrew Marson

Pension Administrator and Industry Thought Leader,

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