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Ebury Online – New and improved

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29 July 2020

Written by
Harry Dodd-Noble

At Ebury we are constantly working to improve our products and features based on what makes the biggest impact to our clients, helping them to trade internationally. They spoke and we listened. Ebury Online is now better than ever.

bury Online allows our clients to convert money into other currencies, make payments, check currency balances and manage any trade finance agreements all in one place online, 24/7. The platform is highly secure, using two-factor customer authentication for access and multiple levels of approvals for your payments.

What has changed?

The main dashboard has been redesigned to enhance the user experience by improving the navigation and making key information more accessible. Recently completed trades and payments, payments pending authorisation and pending/overdue trades and payments are now much easier to view enabling clients to see what actions they need to carry out next.

Improvements have also been made to take Ebury Online’s performance and reliability to even greater levels. To do this we have started re-developing our platform from the ground up, so these are the first in a series of improvements due to be rolled out over the coming months. At Ebury, we understand how important international trade is to growing a business so we will continue to strive to make our products as accessible, quick, and secure as possible.

If you are already an Ebury client you can see the improvements for yourself by logging in to your Ebury Online account.

To find out more about what Ebury and Ebury Online can offer your business please contact our team today.

Read more about Ebury Online here. 

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