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Your 20 min. Financial Market Update

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6 Oct 2021 New

Why is the Brazilian real underperforming its emerging market peers?

28 Sep 2021

Calmer waters heading into a big week for the Fed and German elections

17 Aug 2021

Mixed tones from the latest FOMC policy meeting & what to expect from the next two months

The Swiss franc has been the preferred safe haven compared to the Japanese yen, but this has already started to change, and it is likely to change further.''

S2E14: Calmer waters heading into a big week for the Fed and German elections

Roman Ziruk

EburyÔÇÖs Senior Market Analyst, Ebury

This week's meeting will be more interesting and important.''

S2E9: The G3 central bank meetings are coming. HereÔÇÖs what our analysts expect

Enrique D├şaz-├ülvarez

Chief Risk Officer, Ebury

It is somewhat counterintuitive that US employers have struggled to fill positions.''

S2E8: What rising inflation means for the FX market

Matthew Ryan

EburyÔÇÖs Senior Market Analyst, Ebury

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