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US dollar extends sell-off after dovish Fed minutes


he US dollar was broadly weaker once again on Thursday, as investors continued to digest the dovish remarks in the Federal Reserve's latest meeting minutes. ( 3 min )

Written by
Matthew Ryan

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Monika Ravey 24 November 2022 3 min

The dollar recovered somewhat from its recent drubbing on the back of a steady drumbeat of hawkish Federal Reserve speeches.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 21 November 2022 10min

In 2021, imports to Non EU countries surpassed EU countries for first time ever

Jenny Duni 21 November 2022 3 min

Sterling was a touch weaker against its major peers on Thursday, after recently appointed chancellor Jeremy Hunt unveiled large tax hikes and spending cuts during yesterday’s Autumn statement.

Matthew Ryan 18 November 2022 3 min

The news that markets had been desperately hoping for finally arrived last week.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 14 November 2022 10min

After a strong start, Thursday was a torrid day for the dollar, which collapsed against its peers following a much softer-than-expected US inflation print.

Matthew Ryan 11 November 2022 3 min

Currency market volatility continues to rise, and signs are emerging that the dollar rally is running out of steam.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 7 November 2022 5 min

The US dollar has been broadly stronger since the start of the week, as markets brace for another massive interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve this evening.

Matthew Ryan 2 November 2022 3 min

We believe that this week’s Bank of England meeting is one of the hardest to call for some time, and expect volatility in the pound to be elevated during either side of the decision.

Matthew Ryan 2 November 2022 3 min

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