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Bond market blow up sends euro, US dollar soaring


he US dollar and euro outperformed most other currencies last week as spooked bond investors sent Treasury yields sharply higher.

Written by
Enrique Díaz-Álvarez

Last week saw a general continuation in the themes we’ve seen in the FX market since the start of 2021, with risk assets and commodity currencies largely outperforming.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 22 February 2021

A strong set of US retail sales figures buoyed the dollar against most major currencies on Wednesday.

Matthew Ryan 18 February 2021


A jump in US Treasury yields helped support the US dollar on Tuesday. The euro continued to underperform as the EU’s vaccine programme makes sluggish progress.

Matthew Ryan 17 February 2021

The US dollar fell across the board last week following some dovish comments from Fed Chair Powell and continued impressive signs of progress towards mass vaccinations.

Matthew Ryan 15 February 2021

Risk currencies continued to rally against the safe-havens on Wednesday morning, with investors in an optimistic mood over the global outlook.

Matthew Ryan 10 February 2021


The dollar fell against its major peers on Tuesday morning as investors focused on the growing possibility of more US fiscal stimulus. Sterling continued to power ahead on the UK’s rapid vaccine progress.

Matthew Ryan 9 February 2021

Hopes of Sterling falls sharply on breakdown of May-Corbyn Brexit talks

Sterling continued to outperform its peers last week on the UK’s rapid vaccination progress. The euro, meanwhile, continued to struggle.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 8 February 2021


The US dollar traded higher against just about every other major currency on Tuesday, while the Australian dollar fell sharply after a dovish turn from the RBA.

Matthew Ryan 4 February 2021

Solid China data boosts CNY

China’s economy suffered from its worst performance since 1976 last year, although growth still remained positive. The ability of Chinese authorities to suppress caseloads and enforce more localised restrictions have proved to be less harmful to the country’s economy. Read the latest CNY report from our expert analysts.

Matthew Ryan 1 February 2021