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Norwegian Krone soars as Norges bank launches the post-COVID hiking cycle


orges Bank became the first G10 central bank to hike interest rates since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last week, sending the krone higher against all of its major peers. ( 3 min )

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Enrique Díaz-Álvarez
Federal Reserve

The US dollar rallied against its major peers on Wednesday, after the Federal Reserve indicated that it would soon be ready to unwind its massive stimulus measures introduced during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matthew Ryan 23 September 2021 3 min

Wednesday's Federal Reserve meeting is expected to be the main event risk in the FX market this month. But will the Fed announce a tapering of its QE programme?

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 20 September 2021 4 min.

QE bailout

After more than a year of almost exclusively focusing on the pandemic, attention among investors has returned to the more conventional topics of macroeconomics, central bank monetary policy and politics.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 17 September 2021 6 min.

Federal Reserve

The main question on investors’ minds going into this month’s highly anticipated FOMC meeting is, has the August US labour report derailed plans for a September taper announcement?

Matthew Ryan 16 September 2021 5 min.

The US job openings surged to another all time high. ECB cut asset purchases under PEPP, but Lagarde emphasised this isn’t tapering. Dollar rose, while risky assets wobbled.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 13 September 2021 3 min.


Thursday’s announcement from the ECB marks a slight adjustment in monetary policy as the Governing Council unanimously decided to moderately slow down the pace of asset purchases under the pandemic emergency purchase programme (PEPP).

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 10 September 2021 5 min. read


This Thursday’s European Central Bank meeting will be the main event risk in the FX market this week.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 8 September 2021

The US employment report disappointed, negatively affecting the US dollar. Risky assets continued their rally.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 6 September 2021 3 min

Dollar Powell

The key event of last week was as expected the Jackson Hole conference of central bankers. Powell's generally dovish speech sent most major currency higher against the US dollar, as it suggested that the Fed Chair remains unconcerned by the recent spike in inflation and is in no hurry to remove accommodation, let alone raise rates.

Enrique Díaz-Álvarez 31 August 2021 3 min.