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The euro finished the week at the bottom of the G10 rankings on concerns that the war in Ukraine will not stop any time soon, as well as jitters about the French presidential election.

Matthew Ryan 11 April 2022

The Euro, together with the Swedish Krona and the Swiss franc led the G10 rankings last week.

Matthew Ryan 4 April 2022 3 min

Ebury receives ISO27001 certification

Jenny Duni 4 April 2022

The worldwide inflationary episode continues to upend expectations and historical correlations.

Matthew Ryan 28 March 2022 5 min

Stock markets and risk assets generally posted impressive moves last week, discounting the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and treating Fed hawkishness as a case of “buy the rumour, sell the news”.

Matthew Ryan 21 March 2022 5 min

Sterling fell against its peers after Thursday’s Bank of England announcement was much more dovish than the market had anticipated.

Matthew Ryan 18 March 2022 3 min

Thursday’s Bank of England announcement was much more dovish than we had anticipated.

Matthew Ryan 17 March 2022 3 min

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in the pandemic era on Wednesday, while materially upgrading its expectations for both inflation and interest rates in 2022.

Matthew Ryan 17 March 2022 3 min

Risk sentiment was buffeted in both directions on Tuesday, leading to a relatively volatile trading day for most currencies.

Matthew Ryan 16 March 2022 3 min

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