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How Ebury helps you open your international business account with security and confidence

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13 March 2023

Written by
Jigna Shah

Content Marketing Lead

Navigating the dynamic global market can be difficult. The recent challenges in the banking sector solidify the need to choose the right business account to transact worldwide with peace of mind. This is especially important if you hold balances in various currencies or deposit amounts globally.

bury’s customised solution for institutions and corporates offers much-needed security, speed and simplicity to businesses ÔÇô be it whilst opening their accounts, making cross-border transactions or managing their currency risk.

Learn more about how we help institutions and corporations transact and scale internationally.

Our comprehensive solution for global businesses

We know the challenges when doing cross-border business and how to navigate them. If you are looking for reliable financial solutions that match your unique needs, here is how Ebury can help you.

Easy and fast setup

At Ebury, we provide solutions and services for all your business needs at any time. Our dedicated team is available if you want to open foreign currency accounts quickly and confidently or hold balances across multiple currencies.

Our international business accounts in 30+ currencies in 20 countries enable you to transact worldwide hassle-free.

Safety first

Ebury operates as an Electronic Money Institution. So, we use segregated accounts in accordance with Electronic Money Regulations, which is a safe way to hold balances.

We keep your funds in segregated accounts in ring-fenced accounts with tier 1 banks, separate from our operating accounts, and regulated in six markets. This means that your funds are always safeguarded.

Continuous support

Global businesses face countless uncertainties and dynamics. Your dedicated relationship manager is always there to guide you in all situations and for anything you need. You can even live chat with us or contact our team anytime.

Holistic solution

If you are a fast-growing global business, our holistic solution doesn’t just enable you to make quick and secure transactions. We also help you manage your currency exposure to reduce FX risk and maximise profit margins. Plus, you can even access flexible credit lines to support your business ambitions.

Everything-in-one place

Considering the need to make transactions on time to stay competitive ÔÇô our secure and easy-to-use online platform allows you to manage all your accounts, transact, and book trades anytime and from anywhere.

Get your quote

To learn more, please get in touch with us at [email protected] Our team is available to help you open your account or guide you on any questions that you may have.