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Know Fraud

Financial crime is constantly evolving, and your business should be too

Do you think you’ve been a victim of fraud?

If you think there has been some suspicious activity on your account, contact us and visit the Action Fraud website right away.

Be Aware

Stop the scammers!

Protect yourself and your hard earned money by being alert about how fraudsters might try to target you.

NEVER: Provide your account usernames or passwords following suspicious approaches. Fraudsters may try to contact you in multiple ways including over the phone, by text message, email or letter.

NEVER: Tell anyone your activation, verification or passcodes.

NEVER: Transfer money from your account after being instructed to do so unexpectedly.

NEVER: Allow remote access to your device when someone calls you unexpectedly.

While you have no control over the existence of fraud, by proactively learning about schemes, you can prepare for and prevent an ever-evolving threat


…of businesses are victims of phishing attacks. Cyber criminals now mainly prey on enterprises (Source)


…of organisations report their employees had been targeted by email-based payments fraud (Source)


…out of £10 of attempted fraud was prevented by banks and card companies (Source)

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Strong customer authentication (SCA) is a requirement of PSD2 on payment service providers within the European Economic Area.

Warning from Ebury

How to report fraud

If you think you have been a victim of fraud, please email fraud@ebury.com and visit the Action Fraud site.